Get Back On Track In Your Relationship

Are you struggling in your relationship and feel like you have tried everything?

Do you wish that you and your partner could communicate better?

Do you feel like you have drifted apart and struggle to connect anymore?

Has there been an infidelity and you are trying to see if you can salvage the relationship?

There are times in every relationship when things are a little tougher than usual. When some extra work is needed to strengthen the connection again. 

Sometimes this work entails learning to communicate better with each other or learning to understand each other better. Sometimes the problems stem from infidelity and we have to go to the foundation of the relationship and rebuild.

Unfortunately, many couples wait much longer than they should to seek counseling and they find that they feel as if their issues are too big to tackle.

What ever the issues are that have caused a strain in your relationship our highly qualified licensed therapists will help you work together to resolve those issues.

We provide a comfortable, non-biased, safe environment for couples to openly communicate, create boundaries, engage in healthy conflict and prioritize your relationship. 

Don’t wait any longer to start improving your relationship! We can help you. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Karen Malczewski, LCSW

Karen Malczewski, LCSW

Kaitlyn Rinke, LCPC

Kaitlyn Rinke, LCPC