Behavioral Consultation and Plan for Parents

Do you ever wish you could have a professional fly on the wall who could see how your kids really act at home and then help you change their behavior?

Do you feel like you have good kids but for some reason their behavior at home is not good?

Do you feel like you have tried everything but your kids still won’t listen to you?

At the end of the day are you exhausted from constantly trying to get your kids to behave, do what you ask of them, or be respectful?

Parenting and children definitely don’t come with a rule book and we are all doing the best we can but having a professional help you out can mean the difference between a chaotic household and a peaceful one.

Our program is here to help you and it is one of a kind.

One of our licensed therapists will meet with you in our office to gather information as to what is happening at home that is making your household chaotic. You will then set up a time for this therapist to come to your home to observe your kids and family as you go about your normal routines. You will then set up another meeting back at the office to go over the individualized plan for your family that our therapist has created that will start you on your way to a peaceful household. Don’t worry, it doesn’t end there. We offer follow up appointments for your questions, modeling strategies, and adding on to your individualized plan as needed.

The thing that is so great about this program is that as a professional it is so much easier to help a child when we can see their behavior in an environment in which it is occurring. Children don’t often misbehave in our offices so observing them at home is a huge advantage.

Don’t spend another day pulling your hair out trying to get your child to behave and listen to you. Let our therapists make it easier for you and help you restore order and happiness to your family once again.

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