Stop feeling stuck in your life and start feeling better now!

Have you been feeling not yourself or depressed lately?

Are you going through a transition in life and could use help navigating it?

Do you have anxiety that feels overwhelming?

Are you struggling in your marriage or relationship?

Do you find it difficult to balance your work life and your family life?

Or are you just trying to grow as a person?

Are you tired of feeling stuck in these problems? So many people live their lives feeling stuck for many years just not knowing how to change it.

This doesn’t have to be the case for you. You don’t have to go one more year feeling this way. In fact you don’t have to go one more month feeling this way.

At Kindred Counseling we provide therapy with proven techniques that will help you leave depression behind, overcome anxiety, mend a relationship, balance out the many areas of your life, grow as a person and tackle any other issues that life wants to throw at you.

Our therapists have the necessary education and experience to help you navigate these issues plus many others. Together you and your therapist will create a plan that works for your individual needs and moves you in the direction of accomplishing your goals.

Don’t wait one minute longer being unhappy and unfulfilled in your life.

Contact us today to set up an appointment and take a step towards living the life you really want!

Karen Malczewski, LCSW

Karen Malczewski, LCSW

Kaitlyn Rinke, LCPC

Kaitlyn Rinke, LCPC